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Sewage, Sump & Backup Sump Pumps

Keep sump pumps working to avoid water damage.


If your home or business requires sump pumps to protect it from water damage or flooding, you can count on VerBurg Plumbing to keep your pumps running efficiently. Whether your sump pumps are upright or submersible, we can fix or replace them. Simply, call us at  616-299-5641.

When pumps need repair or replacement, they become sluggish or fail to work altogether. When out-of-shape, pumps slow down or stop working, they fail to move groundwater away from your house, causing moisture problems, even floods. Ineffective sump pumps cannot handle water that lies naturally in the ground. Instead, they let it seep into your house or building.  Stagnant water that is not being removed properly creates odors, molding and other damage to carpets, furniture or items stored in your basement. If you suspect a problem, call VerBurg Plumbing immediately.

VerBurg Plumbing values you as our customer and we care about your home. We promise to leave our work area better than when we started. Call today 616-299-5641. We will listen to you, diagnose your plumbing problem and give you a quote, so you will not have any surprises after the job is done.

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