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Water & Drain Lines

Water and Drain Line  Replacement, Repair and Installation.

Count on VerBurg Plumbing for warranted water and drain line work.


Piping and fittings, whether water or drain, eventually wear out and leak. If not repaired or replaced, as needed, water and sewage can cause extensive damage to your home or office building. Damaged walls, cabinets, ceilings, and flooring may have to be replaced. That could cost you thousands of dollars. Worse yet, the threat of mildew can be deadly. Count on VerBurg Plumbing for warranted water and drain line work. Call us at  616-299-5641.


If you spot or suspect water or drain line leaks, do not hesitate to call VerBurg Plumbing. It pays to assess and solve the problem early. VerBurg Plumbing handles water and drain line repair, replacement, and installation with professional expertise.


We repair, replace and install:

  • Copper Piping

  • Galvanized Steel Piping

  • PVC Piping

  • CPVC Piping

  • Pex Piping

  • Cast Iron Piping

  • Water Services [Copper, lead, and plastic]

- VerBurg Plumbing wants you to be 100% satisfied, so we offer you a one (1) year warranty on parts and labor from date of installation.

VerBurg Plumbing values you as our customer and we care about your home. We promise to leave our work area better than when we started. Call today 616-299-5641. We will listen to you, diagnose your plumbing problem and give you a quote, so you will not have any surprises after the job is done

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