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Water Heaters

Water Heater Experts.

A reliable stream of hot water is imperative for cleaning, cooking, and bathing.


The average life of a water heater is 10-15 years. After a heater has outlived its life cycle, you may begin to have trouble getting warm or hot water as quickly as you need it. You may experience cold showers or notice food left on plates or bowls in the dishwasher. Your laundry cycles will no longer seem to do the job.


There are some factors that play into a heater’s lifespan. Expert plumbers like VerBurg can analyze your water heater’s issue. We can detect how much the water heater is cycling off or stalling,  and whether it is simply due to situations such as the size of the family, amounts of hot water needed,  or other requirements for hot water, including water pressure.

VerBurg Plumbing values you as our customer and we care about your home. We promise to leave our work area better than when we started. Call today 616-299-5641. We will listen to you, diagnose your plumbing problem and give you a quote, so you will not have any surprises after the job is done.

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